Audio Project Central

Structured audio interviews to serve a multitude of purposes.


What is Audio
Project Central?

A communications service that uses
structured audio interviews.

Why use Audio
Project Central?

The podcast-style format humanises you and creates a buzz around the audio content.

Who runs Audio
Project Central?

David Pittaway, a philosophy PhD holder who loves asking interesting questions.

What are the
steps involved?

Planning, guest scheduling, recording interviews, editing, client receives files.

Why audio rather
than video?

Audio files are far more straight-forward to record and edit, and can serve many purposes.

How much
does it cost?

R500 (ZAR) per 10 minutes of polished audio. Customised theme music is extra.

Sample audio projects

The Woodridge Podcast Series

A series of interviews with staff and students at a school.

Audio Project

A series of interviews with researchers workingat the Institute for Coastal and Marine Research.

High Water Bridge
Band Interview

An interview with three of five band members, with a focus on the release of a new album.

Business Owner Interview

A deep-dive interview with Lloyd Edwards, the owner of Raggy Charters.

Creative Endeavour

An interview with the creator of a popular YouTube channel.

An Author's New Book: Interview

An interview with a professor about his new book.

Uni. Engagement Events: Interview

An interview about the out-of-the-box Water Pilgrimages hosted by a University Chair.

Touring Academic:

An interview with an expert on a particular field of academic focus.

scope of application: Examples

Add authenticity
to communication

Showcase the team
through interviews

The story
behind a business

Team building

Corporate change

Academic discussion

Create humanising
website content

Deeper exploration of
important topics

Unique gift



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