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Structured audio interviews to humanise and enthuse


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What is Audio Project Central?A communications service that uses structured audio interviews.
Why use Audio Project Central?The podcast format humanises you and creates a buzz around what you are communicating.
Who runs Audio Project Central?David Pittaway, a philosophy PhD holder who loves asking interesting questions.
How to access APC's service?Contact me and let's set up an online meeting to discuss options.
How much does it cost? This depends on a few factors that we can discuss when we meet online.

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Sample Material

The Woodridge Schools Audio Project



The CMR Audio Project

Band Interview:

High Water Bridge

Business Overview:

Sean Martin from Arktree

Background Interview:

Lloyd Edwards from Raggy Charters

Project/Event Reflection:

Andrea and Belinda on the Water Pilgrimages 

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Additional Reading

Audio Project Central offers you a powerful way to be heard by your audience. An audio project is closely related to a podcast, differing only due to minor technical details. But they serve the same basic purpose of conveying audio content to listeners around the world.

Podcasts have been growing in popularity over the past 15 years. Hundreds of millions of people listen to them across the world. An audio project is perfectly suited to this growing audience of active listeners who are clearly seeking depth and authenticity in the organisations they support.

Do you want the intriguing story of your organisation or business to be available to your present and future customers and/or clients in one click? Do you need to communicate the same message to your employees in a manner that helpfully conveys tone of voice and emotional range? Do you wish to acknowledge your employees by giving some of them a chance to tell their stories in a team-building audio exercise? 

Do you want to enhance the reputation of your business, university, school, or department with authentic interviews that appear on your websites and across your social media? Do you wish to facilitate employee engagement via a showcase of staff members? Do you want to create a buzz around your business, university, school or team event?

Do you wish to discuss your institutional vision, mission, and values, and have these discussions available online? Would you like a series of interviews about your institution’s ethos and accomplishments to be readily available? Could your organisation benefit by offering original and authentic audio material focused on any aspect of what you do, what makes you tick, and what you stand for?

Would you like to provide potential clients with audio content that summarises your services and their benefits? Would you like to offer something back to your present clients, or entice new ones, by verbally offering some hints and tips that are helpful in specific or broad contexts?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, and many more like them, then Audio Project Central will empower you to achieve your goals. We at Audio Project Central will help you envision and plan your audio project; we will structure questions and practice answers; we will record and edit the interviews; and we will work with you until you are left with audio file gems.      

Don’t think that an audio project is right for you? Well, you almost certainly have something important and valuable to say about your business, school, university, department, institute, product, service, or organisation, but you just don’t know it yet. At APC, we will help you envision a fit-for-purpose audio project, and we will empower you to speak your message.

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